Maestro Scheduler

How do you Schedule jobs, staff
and resources effectively?

Maestro proactively pulls together your mobile staff and their supporting resources into a day-by-day schedule for completing tasks.

Scheduling with Maestro

Creating a list of things you need done is the easy part, Maestro does the hard part and ensure every one of your jobs is scheduled.  

Taking into account your resources and priorities Maestro assigns tasks to appropriate people and plans the task in for completion at an appropriate time.

Schedules can accommodate any number of teams and jobs with the power to schedule a complex workload years in advance.

Allocating Resources to Jobs

Maestro keeps track of all your resources, human, vehicle or consumables like concrete or fence posts.   Maestro Scheduler assigns resources to tasks in the schedule along with assigning teams or individuals to complete the task.

Everything is connected, when a mobile worker receives their schedule for the day, all the resources needed to complete their tasks are available.

Day-to-day for Mobile Staff

Each day, mobile staff receive a work-order via their mobile device detailing to them what their schedule for the day is.  There is no need for mobile staff to report back to base for instructions or wait to receive job information packs.  

Maestro Scheduler communicates everything the mobile worker needs to know in order to complete their daily schedule.

Real-time Updates

As jobs in your schedule are completed, Maestro is updated in real-time giving managers a clear overview of progress in the field.  Mobile workers can update a status declaring what state of work they are in.  These include, travelling to and from a job, inspecting and working. These statuses show in real-time as the worker updates them in the field.