Maestro Platform

Maestro is our flagship mobile workforce management platform

Mobile Workforce Management solves problems.

Deliver ROI for your business through service quality improvements and cost savings. Maestro connects all of your staff, jobs and resources into one managed system.


Using Mobiles to Power Your 
Business Operations

Maestro inhabits the mobile smart devices you already own and turns your business into a slick, remotely managed machine.  At its simplest, Maestro connects management to staff and the jobs you want them to do via mobiles.

By automating the flow of information, you can tangibly and effectively cut admin costs and improve delivery just by using Maestro to assign tasks to mobile staff.  

Bring in auto-scheduling, mapping, budget management and some powerful analytics and Maestro quickly becomes a uniquely adept management system for your entire business operations.

Maestro Core 

Maestro is a ready-to-run system with core functionality that any business
can take advantage of straight away.   

Assign a task to a remote worker, schedule jobs for completion in the future, create unique inspection report forms and distribute to inspectors, manage resources, map your staff and assets and generate detailed analytics of your field operations.

You can plug in additional applications supported by the Maestro platform to enhance core functionality.

This approach makes Maestro highly scalable giving you the flexibility to add functionality where you need it and economise where you don’t.

Bespoke Commercial Development 
of Maestro

In many user case studies, Maestro is developed to suit very specific customer requirements.  Using the Maestro core functionality as a basis, we are able to build new applications and enhance existing ones to suit your needs.

Because we already have the platform and mobile workforce management expertise to hand, bespoke development of Maetro may not cost as much as you think.

Meet with our development team to create a requirements statement fit for your business and be an active part of the develpment of your own version of Maestro.


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Maestro Platform Apps

Enhance the capabilities of Maestro with these additional applications


By assigning values to resources,
Maestro can keep track in real-time your current and planned operation budget spend.


Plan years in advance, Maestro
automatically pairs jobs with resources and programmes them into a schedule for delivery.


Sentinel is our security module helping shopping centres effectively operate a secure environment and prevent crime.