Maestro Budgeter

How do you keep your budgets
under control?

Maestro tracks real-time resource spend as your field operations are underway providing you with a powerful business budgeting tool.

Real-time Budget Tracking

Every task has its price and as multiple tasks come in and out of the office keeping track of their costs against your budget can be a huge task.  Maestro steps in and automates this process giving you a real-time overview of your budgets as budget is allocated, tasks are completed  and the money spent.Maestro  allows you to view manage multiple departmental budgets and tracks every element of expenditure in a detailed report.  

Forecasting Spend

As tasks are identified, repair jobs for example, Maestro links the task to a budget, identifies costs based on fixed prices for services and allocates the resource to deal with the problem.

This all happens the moment the task is created giving managers powerful, insightful and accurate information as jobs are completed.  Managing the cost of tasks in this way radically improves the manager's ability to maintain tight cost control and reduce over or under-spends during the year.  It also means that resources can be allocated to fix a problem very quickly if they are available.  

Real-time Spend

During jobs, mobile staff tell Maestro what resources they are using to complete the work. Because Maestro already knows the values of consumables, vehicles and people in your operation, you can monitor real-time spend as it occurs from the comfort of your office.  

Analysing Spend

Maestro offers comprehensive reporting capability providing detailed insights into how your budget is being spent.  Drill down as far as you need to go from top-level, pot-by-pot overview of your operational budget to individual resource transactions at an operational level.