Field Operations

How do you manage your mobile
staff and the work they do in the field?

Maestro organises your field operations automating traditional manual processes and communication for a better connected and informed workforce.


Inspection Reports

Inspections are a key part of mobile working and Maestro makes inspection reporting direct from the field extremely simple.  Managers can create inspection forms to deploy to mobile inspectors.  Inspectors use their mobile devices at the scene to input their inspection information.  

Making use of their devices' camera and GPS, inspectors can send images relating to their report and record their physical location at the time of issuing their inspection report.

Resource Management

Every job, inspection or visit requires a resource.  Whether that resource is human, a vehicle or a consumable, managers can create a database of resources in Maestro that is connected to and used throughout the system.

Resources are assigned values and, when used in conjunction with Budgeter, Maestro can start to predict very accurately the cost of scheduled works and track real-time costs as resources are used and measured on the go.

GIS & Mapping

A key feature of Maestro is the GPS location ability.  When a task is flagged up in the field the mobile device running Maestro feeds in location data to the system.   This is accompanied by the ability to add in photographic evidence together with notes on the task. 

This means that in 10 days' time when a third party supplier comes in to fix the identified problem, they have a precise map location, photographic reference and a full task history allowing them to drive directly to the problem, easily identify it and deal with it.