Development Services

Maestro developed to meet your specific business needs

Meet our development team and build Maestro into whatever you want it to be.
Our platform is built with customisation in mind.


Development Services

Managed workflow is a broad scope and the requirements of businesses managing their mobile workforces are many and varied.  

We offer bespoke development services allowing you to customise our products to suit your exact needs.

In most examples, Maestro managed workflow core functionality is the ideal basis for building bespoke requirements.

Examples include layering map data into our GIS systems and delivering integrations with third party databases.

Professional Services

MobileWorks offers professional services for the management of complex development projects. We offer our extensive experience in developing business critical systems for managing mobile workforces.

Embarking on a development project for your business can be a daunting prospect but we can guide and manage your projects with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Custom Maestro

Maestro is built to develop.  The core functionality offers a comprehensive solution for managing mobile workforces and the jobs they complete but we know that businesses need specific and unique requirements to suit their operations.

Customising Maestro is actively encouraged and can have some excellent results delivering a system that really works for you.

When working with Maestro, some customisation can be done 'in app' such as form building and setting up user definitions.  Other customisation such as third party database integrations or GIS layering is work our development team complete.

A Mobile Pedigree

We've built our business on mobile workforce management through mobile applications.  Maestro inhabits any mobile smart phone device and truly allows businesses to take advantage of the mobile devices already in your pockets.

Developing Maestro to suit your needs is no different.  Every bespoke upgrade, every unique requirement is developed to work on our stable Maestro platform.

Enjoy full mobile, cloud based technology at the heart of your business that suits your exact needs with Maestro and MobileWorks' Development Services.