Manchester City Council (MCC)

Implementation of Maestro for the management of the City Environment Enforcement Team officers.

The problem:

MCC had a number of Environment Enforcement Officers patrolling the City Centre to report on offences against the environment. These officers were grouped into several separate teams, each tasked with its own responsibilities.  This silo management style was proving costly and inefficient.

MCC was one of the very first councils to recognise that in this modern economy it needed to reorganise its approach to service delivery from vertical specialised “silos” to a more generic approach if it were to live within its budgets and yet meet the service delivery targets. It created a strap-line of "Do More. For Less" and set about streamlining its processes, including moving from specialised teams, to multi-purpose teams. 

The Solution

When MCC looked at combining multiple teams into a single general-purpose team, it realised it needed some system that could successfully manage the new team. After undertaking an exhaustive search of available systems, MCC settled on Maestro as the most cost effective solution.

MCC opted to use the Maestro as a stand-alone system, and opted to use the MobileWorks SaaS (Software as a Service) offer, thus ensuring no capital outlay. 

Maestro SaaS is a hosted service provided by MobileWorks that runs on its servers within highly secure data centres. The entire system, end-to-end from mobile client to management console to the database itself is highly secure and encrypted to the same level as online banking. Users can opt for a single server, for clustered servers, or even for dynamic DNS and multiple instances for the business that cannot afford any downtime.

For MCC a new, dedicated single instance of the MaestroDB was created in the MobileWorks data centre, the system was configured to handle MCC defined defects, service levels, priorities, 3rd parties, etc, MaestroOffice management consoles were set up within MCC offices (MaestroOffice is browser based, it can be run on PC in location that has a browser and internet connections, as long as the user has valid credentials) and 18 officers were provided with smartphone technology that had MaestroMobile clients loaded. The resulting system has managed 18 Enforcement Officers, 8 Supervisors, 600 streets, 12 different 3rd parties, and over 40,000 defects to date. It has streamlined 3 teams into a single team. It has provided MCC with comprehensive reports of the productivity of their teams, as well as the compliance of service delivery against contract for their 3rd parties. It has truly met the MCC mantra of "Do More. For less"